As a child, Linda was mesmerized by story tellers and her mother always made sure she had a supply of books close at hand while she was growing up. Sitting on her lap and listening to her read is one of her earliest memories. She recalls drawing pictures and making up stories to go with them. As she got older, her stories became longer and more fanciful. At age 10, she began to write them down and when she was 12, she handwrote her first “book” during rainy days in gym class. She had a small cult following of girls who waited for her to finish each page which she would then pass down the row. When she got a typewriter for her 13th birthday, she typed up her “masterpiece” and put it in a 3-ring binder. Having a typewriter, however, made it possible for her to write even more, which she did on a daily basis.
But, as happens to many young, aspiring writers, reality grabbed her and when she graduated from high school and headed to college then into the work force, the dream of becoming an author washed away. It wasn’t until she turned 62 and experienced her 3rd job layoff that she decided to try and make her writing dream come true.
Linda’s first book started as a joke when going to a concert in Texas with a friend. When teenagers in the 60’s, they were huge Beatle fans and used to make up wild stories about them. Since they were going to see Paul in concert, Linda teasingly suggested they make up a more adult story to make the concert fun. When her friend said, “But, George is dead,” Linda responded, “That’s okay…we’ll time travel!” And, she began to formulate the story in her mind which grew into a series as one idea after another popped into her head. Before she knew it, she had 3 published books and a plan to write a total of 5.
Writing has become an addiction to Linda, and she’s finding that ideas for other scenarios and characters keep flooding her brain, with the characters screaming, “Write about me! Write about me!” And, that’s what she intends to do.

Linda today


Linda at age 17