Reviews – The Necklace III – London, July 1967

Reviews – The Necklace III – London, July 1967

Review for “The Necklace III – London, July 1967” by Jocasta

Highly recommended! A fun, nostalgic journey into the past featuring star-crossed lovers, Susan and James. James is a handsome, dashing, and highly successful musician who is swept up in worldwide adulation as a member of a popular fictional rock group that becomes isolated by its own fame. Susan is a beautiful and thoroughly modern woman, torn between her own dreams and the more traditional dictates of her 1960s-era lover. Through her adventures into the recent past in the form of her younger self, Susan learns that it’s best to be careful what one wishes for, because it may come true, as she and James continue their torrid relationship. The course of true love does not run smoothly. Readers will find themselves emotionally engaged with the pair, as Susan travels back for her third attempt at repairing the tattered edges of her romance with James. The lesson learned is that love needn’t be perfect in order to endure, and it isn’t all moonlight and magnolias. This book stands on its own, but it’s best when read as part of the complete “Necklace” series. Breezy and fast-paced, this book is perfect beach reading. Brava to the talented author, Linda Rice.

Review for “The Necklace III – London, July 1967” by Margaret Jardin

Wow!!! I took this book on an airplane with me thinking I would read it while flying. I was miles and miles in the sky, floating with the clouds, and strangers sitting all around me. When asked what I would like to drink, I begged for ice water to cool down. Wow. I had to pause reading in order to catch my breath! I had to put the book down because I was smiling and flushed so much! I told someone on the plane about it. I loved the erotica! I loved the description of the sex! Reading this book made my “lay” overs much more bearable. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to live vicariously through Susan; to anyone who wants to experience love, lust, and sex with the cutest member of the most popular band in America….EVER!

Review for “The Necklace III – London, July 1967” by betty malone

I have to say I was so happy to see the 3rd book in this wonderful series was available to read- and I must say I am not disappointed!! I have purchased both the book and kindle for my phone! Ms. Rice has once again taken me back to another time- a time when maybe dreams do come true but life steps in!!! I continue to be swept along with this beautiful love story -the beautiful ups and the cruelty of life! Ms. Rice can certainly weave a lovely story that keeps your interest and drags you along that Rollercoaster of love!! I so enjoyed this wonderful story and am so looking forward to her next installment! So I give this book a 5-star review. Thank you, Ms. Rice!!!