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The Necklace: The Dusky Club June 1962 by Linda S. Rice is a book in the sub-genre of time travel romance. This is the first installment in the five-book romance series centering on Susan’s quest for true love.

At the age of sixty two, Susan doesn’t lack for anything: doting husband, good children, and friends; except a release from her obsession. She thinks she is over her fifty-year long crush on James, an all time famous music band artist, but attending his concert proves otherwise. She goes on a cruise with her childhood best friend, Lynn, hoping she’ll get over her recent disappointment, but it seems like she has a permanent solution to her troubles.

She and Lynn meet Mika, an elderly lady from Haiti, who can look into souls and promises to send Susan back into the past for a week to meet James, before he became all the rage. Back in time and in her seventeen year old body, Susan is delighted to find herself singled out by James. However, reality doesn’t always measure up to one’s dreams. Will Susan fall in love again, with the real James this time? Or will she decide that her present is not as unfulfilled as she thought, after all?

As can be guessed from the summary, the book does make covert references, especially through some clever metamorphosis of song lyrics woven into the plot, to a famous band whose songs most of us have loved listening to at some point in our lives. Inspiration or not, the plot line following a ten year old unable to let go of her obsession with a musician, and carrying a torch for him well into her sixties, and trying to go back in time to test her love; is quite an imaginative one.

The author’s vivid and fluid writing style makes it easy for readers to immerse themselves in the tale. A rejuvenated seventeen year old Susan’s equation with a pre-fame James, back in the 1960’s, is full of crackling chemistry as well as ego clashes. This is the period where women liberation movement was just taking roots, thus it is no surprise that the author, very convincingly, recreates a time where women were still supposed to be subservient, and more importantly, were segregated into boxes, based on how sexually independent they chose to be.

Susan, who has grown up in that age, and in the present, is a woman with a mind of her own, struggles to fit in a timeframe which is fifty years past. Susan’s character with her infatuation, surging hormones, confusion and indecisiveness, is portrayed credibly by the author. The troubled childhood which pushes her to find relief in her fantasies is explored well too. James’ character with his overbearing, male chauvinist and arrogant nature is symptomatic of those times, and yet there is also a caring side to his personality which makes his character quite likable.

The usual elements in a romantic novel: the naughty passionate scenes, the sweet expressions of love, the fear of heartbreak; are all there, and yet what really impressed me was the emphasis on compatibility rather than a crazy, whirlwind romance, and how the author intelligently edges the reader towards this idea. Of course, since this is just the first book and there are four more in line, there is definitely a lot more to come.

The book with its well fleshed out characters, animated writing, dramatic scenes, and a couple of valuable lessons; makes for an entertaining read, especially for readers who like out-of-the-box romances. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. Reviews

Review for “The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962” by MissLisa1970on May 7, 2015

Forget 50 shades of Grey- this is the many off colors of the hottest rockstar of all time. If you can get whom this book is in reference to, you’ll surely agree. If not…Go read Twilight or something because this book is for us “big girls” who have at one time or the other (if not even still) secretly (or not so) lust after this vision of pure angelic (if only in looks) ROCK GOD!

Review for “The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962” by  Jerry Bowman

I only read a little at night before going to sleep.  This book is almost impossible to put down.  A great and enjoyable read.

Review for “The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962” by Bagladyrox

Maybe I’m amazed at this book!  I am!  It’s especially intriguing if you love the Beatles.  Song lyrics are slightly changed so it’s fun determining what they are as well as some major Beatle events.  Beyond that it’s a very creative story that will have you hooked.  I’ve already bought the dequel and can’t wait to read it!

Review for “The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962” by Romantic Man

A wonderful, fun book.  A romance that can be appreciated by men and women alike.  Quick read, keeps you engaged and wondering what will happen next between the two main characters, James and Susan.  Looking forward to reading the sequel.  My wife, a Beatle fan, loved it.

Review for “The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962” by BookClub

O.M.G.  I loved it!  I need Book #2 Freaking NOW!

Holy hell, I devoured this book.  I read it in one sitting.

The story of James and Susan sucked me in and didn’t let me go.  This book deserves a lot more than 5 stars!  It’s incredible that The Necklace is Linda Rice’s debut novel.  This is the first book in a new series and it was…Spectacular!

If you’re looking for something genuinely unique, unlike anything else out there – this is your book.

As with all great books, this one will leave you in a total book hangover, but thank the stars book 2 is being released hot on its heels.

This has me officially hooked on Linda Rice’s books.

Review for “The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962” by Pearl Cawley

Most who grew up obsessed with The Beatles will easily identify with this sweet novel, which provides a fantasized fly-on-the-wall perspective of what one of the Fab Four’s pre-fame personalities may have been like.  Although the portrayal centers around “James” who is in a band in Brighton, England in 1962, the action and narrative clearly parallels Paul McCartney before Beatle fame has struck.  The writer does a wonderful job capturing McCartney’s books, speaking style and personality.  Those of us who’ve seen A Hard Day’s Night and Help can visualize McCartney throughout the story.  Clever and humorously reworked but easily recognizable Beatle song parodies are sprinkled generously throughout.  James is a good characterization of how fans would have pictured McCartney to be as a young man living with his father:  thoughtful, and gentlemanly, as well as a sex maniac.  And who wouldn’t want to go on a picnic with Paul? A product of English upbringing that early rock and roll era, involving male chauvinism and self-centered egotism.

This is very creative fun page-turning fiction, with more to come.  I look forward to escaping into the sequel.

Review for “The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962” by Romance Reviewer

An amusing and addictive time-travel romance! This book leaves little doubt in your mind as to who “the greatest band of all time is” and is a humorous parody of “the boys” in 1962 before they found world fame. Susan will lure you in with the conflict between her 62-year old brain and her 17-year old body, while James will entrance you with his “alpha male” personality and old-fashioned ideas as to how girls are supposed to behave. Susan is rebellious. James is controlling. But, their passion for each other is over the top! An enjoyable, quick and easy read that will leave you yearning for the sequel and more of Susan and Jame’s tempestuous relationship.

Review for “The Necklace II – Back to Brighton, November 1962” by goldpet66

Linda does a beautiful job of establishing continuity in her second installment of this thoroughly enchanting series. “The most famous band of all time” is on its way up in the “Brighton” music scene, in preparation for stepping onto the world stage. Our lovely friend Susan, a character whom I have grown to love, finds herself back in the arms of James, and well… they find themselves back in a lot of each other’s body parts too. I’m not being flip… I think the sensuality of these two characters is explored more completely in this second book, which makes sense, since within the context of the story, both are a bit older and more experienced. We also see a side of James that veers uncomfortably close to abusiveness, and the fact that Linda chooses not to gloss over that aspect of James’ persona adds a greater depth and additional facets to the story. Having a new friend, John, along for the ride lets us see how Susan interacts with other characters, and how she changes his life as well. We also get the unexpected treat of Susan popping in on the Ted Flannagan Show (a neat analog of the Ed Sullivan Show) in February, 1964, where she meets James once again, and we get to experience that feeling of wonder, promise and excitement all over again within the second book’s structure. Thank you for keeping this story going for us and looking forward to more!

Review for “The Necklace II – Back to Brighton, November 1962” by Avery Tomiselli

A perfect continuation of the story! Still kept me on my toes just as much as the first! Still attached to the same characters and still the same feelings towards them as well! You want for things to happen just as much as the characters want them to happen! I loved this one just as much as the first, probably just a little bit more!!! Seriously suggest reading this one as well as the first!

Review for “The Necklace II – Back to Brighton, November 1962” by Heather

he Necklace 2 picks up soon after The Necklace ended. Susan thought she’d made the right choice leaving James and getting back to life with her husband but the past is catching up to her. She returns to James searching for her ballerina necklace hoping to get it and break their connection. I was rooting against her the whole time. Love Susan and James.

Review for “The Necklace II – Back to Brighton, November 1962” by Becca Goodsell

I started The Necklace II right after I finished book 1. I wanted Susan to be with James, and it looks like I got my wish, sort of. This sexy time-travel romance series is addicting.

Review for “The Necklace II – Back to Brighton, November 1962” by Jessica

I was a little concerned about the state of my new favorite couple at the end of book 1, but I was very satisifed with this second book. Time-travel romance at its best.

Review for “The Necklace II – Back to Brighton, November 1962” by Bonnie Barbanti

I read both books ( 1 &2 ) back to back and am already on my second read. Easy and interesting read especially knowing the background of the books. Makes me want more. Good job Linda!

Review for “The Necklace III – London, July 1967” by MissLisa

You lot Better brace yourselves for this one because Susan’s life is Helter Skelter! Once more our Susan (ya know, the girl who just can’t seem to Let it be) decides it’s best to visit James again just when his own life is on an emotional slide! This time things get real “interesting.” and before you know it you’ll find yourself on that same emotional ride with them and coming down fast! One moment you’re aroused and the next minute your heart is ripped out of your chest! (mine now resides in a jar by the door.) This one left me stunned and just a bit angry at how it all ended but this isn’t a Disney fairy tale my friends, this boarders on Grimm. Buckle up passengers.. it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! Another excellent offering of Linda Rice. I’ve become a fan and as a fellow writer i’m quite impressed by her work. Hopefully this isn’t over and there will be another volume of this emotionally and physically intriguing story. Will i wait a lonely lifetime?

Review for “The Necklace III – London, July 1967” by Jocasta

ighly recommended! A fun, nostalgic journey into the past featuring star-crossed lovers, Susan and James. James is a handsome, dashing, and highly successful musician who is swept up in worldwide adulation as a member of a popular fictional rock group that becomes isolated by its own fame. Susan is a beautiful and thoroughly modern woman, torn between her own dreams and the more traditional dictates of her 1960s-era lover. Through her adventures into the recent past in the form of her younger self, Susan learns that it’s best to be careful what one wishes for, because it may come true, as she and James continue their torrid relationship. The course of true love does not run smooth. Readers will find themselves emotionally engaged with the pair, as Susan travels back for her third attempt at repairing the tattered edges of her romance with James. The lesson learned is that love needn’t be perfect in order to endure, and it isn’t all moonlight and magnolias. This book stands on its own, but it’s best when read as part of the complete “Necklace” series. Breezy and fast-paced, this book is perfect beach reading. Brava to the talented author, Linda Rice.

Review for “The Necklace III – London, July 1967” by Margaret Jardin

Wow!!! I took this book on an airplane with me thinking I would read it while flying. I was miles and miles in the sky, floating with the clouds, and strangers sitting all around me. When asked what I would like to drink, I begged for ice water to cool down. Wow. I had to pause reading in order to catch my breath! I had to put the book down because I was smiling and flushed so much! I told someone on the plane about it. I loved the erotica! I loved the description of the sex! Reading this book made my “lay” overs much more bearable. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to live vicariously through Susan; to anyone who wants to experience love, lust, and sex with the cutest member of the most popular band in America….EVER!

Review for “The Necklace III – London, July 1967” by betty malone

I have to say I was so happy to see the 3rd book in this wonderful series was available to read- and I must say I am not disappointed!!I have purchased both the book and kindle for my phone! Ms Rice has once again taken me back to another time- a time when maybe dreams do come true but life steps in!!! I continue to be swept along with this beautiful love story -the beautiful ups and the cruelty of life! Ms Rice can certainly weave a lovely story that keeps your interest and drags you along that Rollercoaster of love!! I so enjoyed this wonderful story and am so looking forward to her next installment! I so give this book a 5 star review-thank you ms Rice!!!

Review for “The Necklace IV – Brighton, December 1999” by goldpet66

Linda has once again delved into 60s music history to deliver a heartbreakingly beautiful book. I was fortunate enough to befriend her over the past few months and have found her to be multifaceted, talented, funny, and she’s amazingly beautiful as well. It is in her writing that she really shines as a beautiful person. I have been extremely unwell over the past six months or so. Not to overdramatize it but I have been fighting pretty much for my life here. Her stories have given me a real lift when I needed it. We need more Lindas in this world. Thank you so much and bless you! With love, Judy Goldsworth Petranek

Review for “The Necklace IV – Brighton, December 1999” by Sansa Loves Books

I was a little concerned about the time jump between the 60s and 90s but it was smartly done and gives the series a more comprehensive time-travel feel. I’m back to waiting for the next volume. Bravo.

Review for “The Necklace IV – Brighton, December 1999” by Nancy

I really enjoyed reading Book 4 of The Necklace. The subplots involving Susan’s daughter and James’ son added a new dimension. Plus watching Hillary’s machinations to capture James’s attentions were entertaining. This book could stand alone but – as with any series – would be more meaningful if you read the first 3. Susan and James are older – but – well you’ll have to read it to see!

Review for “The Necklace IV – Brighton, December 1999” by Avery Tomiselli

Can these books get any better? Not only do we have Susan back in time once again, she had also brought her daughter Michelle in tow with her! Now we have more characters to fall in love with! Will the love prevail or will if falter once again as time calls for the two ladies. What will their decisions be? Will the lie learn to love, or will the lie do as it always does and hurt those around them? Read it folks! Get ready for the tale of all times!!

Review for “The Necklace V – Strawberries & Wine” by Ginger

Oh my gosh, this book was so very very satisfying to read. I was book five of a series of four others I have already read. Each book one through five makes you want to wait very impatiently for the next one to come out. You hate it when the book you are reading ends. Love love this series. If you get a chance to purchase the series, you must do so. So for now, I plan to start at book one and re read the series again.

Review for “The Necklace V – Strawberries & Wine” by Amazon Customer

Wow! I read all 5 books in two days!!! I have never been so captivated by a book ever! Thank you so much and I can’t wait till the next one. Please hurry!! Lol.

Review for “The Necklace V – Strawberries & Wine” by Avery Tomiselli

Read it! Read them all! I’ve followed the author through all the books and I was super thrilled to see that the 5th book had been posted and published! Its a must read for all if you’ve read the series. I loved the story line and how the author connected this book with all the previous ones. It throws a lot of curve balls that will have you yelling at characters, and emotional curve balls are thrown around every corner too. READ THEM ALL! You wont regret it!